Welcome to Walt's Writings On Life, a place to sit and relax while you enjoy a collection of thoughts, perceptions, inspirations and music. Many of you follow me on Facebook, where every morning I post my thoughts. Sometimes they are inspirational, sometimes motivational and sometimes just what I am feeling at the time. Often they are thoughts on feelings I have seen posted by friends. Some of you may have followed me a few years ago when I wrote under the name Oceanspirit and had a website called Spirit's Pages of Music & Love.

I have lived a long life with so many experiences and lessons to share. I have always enjoyed writing and creating websites with words, photos and music that fit a particular thought or theme. I am a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a brother-in-law, an uncle and a cousin. I am a US Air Force veteran, a musician, an open heart surgery survivor and a preacher's kid. I have written essays, lyrics & melodies, poetry, newsletters, policies & procedures, love letters and eulogies.

I Am A Writer & A Creator.

Please enjoy your stay and look for me on these pages at:

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I hope you will enjoy my work.

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